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About Us

We are Smart, We are Strong, We are Beautiful. We are Goodgirls Write Code!

Goodgirls Write Code is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the empowerment of girls in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM. Our interactive programs motivate and educate girls providing them with the skills they need to become the next generation of women-leaders, entrepreneurs and mentors. Our objective is to make learning STEM education fun through hands-on, interactive computer science programs that include programming, software development, web design and 3D printing.

Over 50% of companies in the U.S. state they are having difficulty finding qualified employees with STEM skills necessary to do their job. The only way to combat the skills shortage in this country is to incorporate STEM programs in schools to encourage students to pursue a career in the STEM fields of study. Basic technical skills are required in almost every industry today yet our students lack the proper training in schools to fulfill this requirement.

Goodgirls Write Code is devoted to empowering students with the computer science skills needed to prepare for future careers. We are determined to encourage children to learn how to write their first program using scripts and animation; develop their first website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript; and design a 3D printed object. Our intermediate and advanced programming students in middle and high schools will learn: Java, Python, JavaScript and C++ programming languages. Goodgirls Write Code graduate students have an academic advantage in STEM fields granting them access to academy programs and scholarships they would not be otherwise awarded.

Goodgirls Write Code programs are offered in public and private schools nationwide, incorporated in the teacher’s curriculum, as an after-school club, or summer camp throughout the school year. We bridge the gap that exists in computer science programs offered in public schools by providing Goodgirls Write Code resource toolkits. Each toolkit includes teacher and student instructional materials, as well as Goodgirls Write Code t-shirts used as rewards to encourage each student to achieve project goals and motivate them to succeed.


Educate, Encourage, Empower. We are Goodgirls!

Computer Science broadens the mind of a young learner through visual representation and application of Math and Science. Learning programming skills allows girls as young as 5 to develop skills used to create programs to complete any task imaginable. We are determined to encourage girls to learn solid computer science skills including programming, web development and 3D printing through nationwide educational programs.

Goodgirls Write Code Resource Programs supply teachers with the resources they need to teach computer science concepts and programming languages in the classroom. All program toolkits come fully equipped with teacher and student instructional materials, tutorials and practice exercises to incorporate a computer science program in the sponsor/teacher’s school.

Elementary school programs


Elementary school programs for 3rd-5th graders

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Middle High school programs


Middle/High school programs for 6th-12th graders

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Our Goals

Goodgirls Write Code is determined to offer our program to all girls across the nation.

Our goal offers students with interactive and educational programming modules - the perfect resource for teachers and educators to introduce their students to essential coding languages - offered to girls in both public and private schools worldwide. By 2017, we hope to incorporate an online curriculum as a teacher and parent resource to further educate students by applying the lessons learned in the classroom to real-world scenarios.

We’re excited to bring this educational resource to girls online so we can broaden our reach to children everywhere.

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board Members serve as critical champions to Goodgirls Write Code. Sharing their gifts in service to our mission by providing Goodgirls Write Code with their professional expertise.

Dr Adele Merritt

Dr. Adele Merritt

Dr. Adele Merritt is a Senior Director with Alvarez & Marsal's Financial Industry Advisory Services practice located in Washington, D.C., where she specializes in cyber risk.

Prior to joining A&M, Dr. Merritt spent 16 years working in the public sector and was a member of the Senior Executive Service. She most recently served as the Principal Deputy Chief Information Officer for Cyber at the Department of Energy where she coordinated and integrated policies, standards, and guidelines to improve the management and utilization of information and information technology resources.

Additionally, Dr. Merritt was a Director and Acting Senior Director on the National Security Council Staff at the White House where she routinely handled time-sensitive requests and demonstrated deep understanding of risk, value, and policy considerations to support the President and the nation's senior policymakers to meet national security goals.

Dr. Merritt began her career at the Department of Defense as an applied research mathematician and held several positions where she blended technical and analytic expertise. In addition to positions within the Intelligence Community, she completed a joint duty assignment at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. She led a public-private partnership focused on addressing cyber threats and risks to the security and stability of U.S. national security systems and critical infrastructure. Her success in government earned annual achievement awards and promotions, to include an out-of-cycle spot promotion. Her work was recognized by multiple community awards, including three National Intelligence Meritorious Unit Citations and the Intelligence Community Seal Medallion.

Dr. Merritt earned her doctorate (Ph.D.) and Master of Science degrees in mathematics from the University of Rhode Island, and both a bachelor of science in mathematics and bachelor of business administration in finance from Pace University. She was a National Security Fellow at Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government. Dr. Merritt is a member of the Advisory Board for Goodgirls Write Code.

Get Involved

Join a group in your area, Volunteer to be an instructor, Sponsor a local group, or just Donate to the cause. There's plenty of ways to get involved with Goodgirls Write Code.

Goodgirls Write Code STEM programs are uniquely designed to incorporate innovative computer science education, positive reinforcement, and mentorship from women leaders in technology.

"I founded Goodgirls Write Code with the initiative to provide all girls worldwide with access to STEM education, despite their socioeconomic status. I started developing the curriculum, incorporating it in public and private schools across Virginia. Having worked in the computer science field for over 16 years, I love seeing how teaching girls basic programming skills can unlock their potential to do so much more."

    - Sasha Oppleman, Founder/CEO of Goodgirls Write Code

Goodgirls Write Code works with women in the tech industry to act as mentors and assist in the development of Goodgirls Write Code curricula. We work closely with universities to recruit female students completing a computer science degree or related field, who are interested in our internship programs, as well as volunteers with technical experience who support our programs.

We are expanding our programs with the objective of educating and empowering girls to excel in the STEM fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Although we focus on the advancement of girls in STEM, we do not discriminate against any child from participating in our programs regardless of gender, age, race or religion.


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